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PREFACE,                                               Vll
a large scientific community there is always a Society esta-
blished for the furtherance of such researches as have a very
wide-spread interest,, not confined to the branch they especi-
ally illustrate, nor even to the class of sciences under which
they rank : but researches of such importance are necessarily
rare, and the Transactions in which they are embodied are
-universally accessible.
It is the intention of the Authors to continue the ( Flora
Indica/ one of them in the Hookerian Herbarium', the other
at the Calcutta Botanic Gardens. The propriety, however,
of pursuing .the attempt to complete the history, etc., of each
Indian genus and species, is, in the present state of science,
very doubtful. Considering how little is accurately known
of the outlines of Indian Botany, and how extensive our ma-
terials are, it may be better to ensure accuracy in the most
important identifications only, and to omit quoting such works
as are not worth referring to. In this we shall be guided by
the opinions of those botanists who may honour us by con-
sulting our labours critically.